Wedding Day Jitters Are Setting In…Relatives & Friends are Arriving for the Big Day…Vendors Need to be Contacted & all Contracts/Services Finalized & Confirmed

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Flights Missed
Taxis or Uber Running Behind for the Rehearsal or Wedding
Best Man Forgets the Rings
DJ Has the Wrong Play List
There Is a Tear in a Bridesmaid Dress
The Wrong Chairs Are Delivered
Centerpieces Are Not Properly Placed for the Rehearsal Dinner
The Audio Wasn’t Tested for the Video At the Rehearsal Dinner and It Doesn’t Work
It’s an Outdoor Wedding, There Are No Sides for the Tent, It Starts to Rain
Power Goes Out in the Portable Restrooms

Unfortunately, this list could go on and on.

What do you want to remember about your wedding day?  What do you want your family and friends to remember about your wedding day?

My guess is that it was spectacular!  That everyone had fun!  And, it was a memorable experience for all of the right reasons.

Weddings are usually planned at minimum one-year in advance, they can cost easily anywhere between $15,000 – $35,000, if not more (national average is around $29,800).  Budgets and personal taste normally determine the size of the wedding, venue, food, beverage offerings, entertainment, and all of the other amenities associated with it.

Often, couples choose to plan their own wedding as yes it can be fun!  Others choose to hire a wedding coordinator who will handle every aspect and detail of the wedding for them.  But what most couples who choose to plan their own weddings don’t think about, are all of the last minute details the weeks leading up to their wedding day and the day itself.

Not even considering the week prior to the wedding – following are just some of the details that need to be taken care of on your wedding day.

The day of the wedding flowers need to be delivered, caterers need to know set-up, serving and tear-down times, stylists and make-up artists need a list of times and individuals, decorations and favors need to be placed, signage placed in appropriate locations, a guest registry should be ready, playlist ready for the band or D.J., a program of the day and evenings events (from the ceremony to the last dance), photographer(s) need to know “must photograph” list and special moments, transportation for all of the appropriate individuals, vocalists, pianists, etc. are on cue for the ceremony, bridal party aware of responsibilities and following the program as planned, gifts loaded into vehicles at the end of the night, vendors paid, again the list is endless.

So, who is going to handle all of the above?  Family, friends, members of the Bridal Party – not if you want them to enjoy your very special day and that is even based on the premise everything will go smoothly.  After months or maybe years of planning, a costly budget, and one of the most important days of your life – everyone should enjoy the experience and walk-away with wonderful memories.

The cost for Wedding Day Coordination is minimal in the “big picture” and well worth every penny.  Wedding Day Coordination should become part of your wedding budget allowing you, your family and friends to be stress free and enjoy the experience.

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